Missions at FRC

First Reformed Church has a history of serving in missions locally and around the world. If you would like to be involved in our mission opportunities, contact our Director of Missions, Sara Van Zee.

Mission Emphasis Week offering

Our Mission Emphasis Offering is for relief assistance in Ukraine. We will be partnering with four entities to provide relief in the war-torn areas of Ukraine. For more information about these partnerships, click the links below.
Partnership with the Churches in Ukraine
Partnership with Lights in Ukraine
Online Giving:
Donate at frcoc.org/give. Designate your gift  "Mission Emphasis Offering."

In-Person Giving:
Mark your gift "Mission Emphasis Offering" and  place it in the offering boxes at church.

Children Mission Banks:
We invite children to bring in their mission banks for a special offering during the service on April 23.

A Moment in Missions

In A Moment in Missions, Sara Van Zee meets with people involved in missions in Orange City and around the world. Each episode shares ways that you can join in with these mission opportunities.


Due to sensitivies about role and location, we do not list our actively serving missionaries on our website. However, a full list of our partners is available at the church office. They are ministering in places like Nicaragua, Turkey, Niger, Bahrain, and in the United States.