Where We MEet

Our church is located at 420 Central Avenue NW, just north of downtown Orange City. Parking is available in the large lot north of the building and on all  nearby side streets, but if you're new , we encourage you to take advantage of the spots  reserved for visitors on the east side of the sanctuary. A free valet parking service is also available; simply pull up beneath the canopy entrance on the south end of campus.

WHEn you arrive... 

You will probably be greeted by a friendly face opening the door for you. These men and women are members and friends of our Connections team, and they'll be able to point you in the direction of the sanctuary, nursery, PromiseKids, restrooms, and (importantly) coffee.

If you're not going directly to your seat, stop by the  Welcome Center just outside of the sanctuary's center doors. There you'll find bulletins, outlines for taking sermon notes, more information about our church, and a welcome gift just for attending. It's another great place to ask any questions that you have before you settle in.

On most Sunday mornings, you'll see a few people walking around wearing green lanyards and red lanyards.  The  green-lanyarded folks are more members of the Connections Team. Just tap one on the shoulder and they'll help you get oriented, provide you with a tour, or sit with you during the service. Their job is to make you feel at home all morning long. The members wearing red lanyards are part of our Safety and Security team. They are trained in a number of scenarios - medical emergencies, weather situations, active threats, and so on. If you ever feel like you need assistance on any of those fronts, the ladies and gentlemen who serve in those roles would be happy to help.


Our church services typically last around 80 minutes.. We begin at 9:25 with a welcome song, get things rolling at 9:30, and spend around a half hour sinigng, praying, and hearing what's happening in the ministry life of the church.

The music we use in worship comes from a number of different sources. We sing many classic hymns together. We incorporate the music of Bethel, Hillsong, and Chris Tomlin. Adult and kids choirs sing regularly, and we celebrate with strings, brass, and organ as well as with drums, bass, and guitar. We've come to love this blend!

At around 10:00, our PromiseKids are dismissed (just follow the other kids downstairs) and one of our pastors begins the morning sermon, explaining in new and relevant ways how the Bible can provide encouragement and direction for our lives.

There is no dress code here, in case you're wondering. Some of us wear suits and ties, others wear capris, jeans, or polos. Come just as you are; we promise you'll fit right in!

Our evening service, a 5:30 vespers, regularly meets in the Chapel. This service offers an entirely new message, and offers an intimate time of prayer requests, community support, and worship with hymnbooks. It's a wonderful way to end a Sunday.



What if i'm running late?

This is a great question. Glad you asked.
If you are planning to attend a morning worship service, but you're not going to make it by 9:30, don't worry. Come anyway! But because we are so committed to security, we have begun a policy of locking our doors around 9:35. Just come to the canopy door and a member of the security team will be glad to let you in!