We use Church Center for our church directory. The directory is accessed through the Church Center App or through a browser at frcoc.churchcenter.com. You must be invited to our directory and login to Church Center in order to view it. 

Mobile & Tablet users

We strongly recommend downloading and using the Church Center App from your App Store of choice.

Need Help?

View our tutorial video or contact April Beaver if you have any questions or problems with our new church directory on Church Center.
Instructional Video Time Stamps
00:00 - Welcome
01:18 - Download App / Website Link
02:50 - Login to Church Center
06:41 - How to use the Directory
09:18 - Share your information on the Directory
12:58 - Edit your information and profile picture
14:58 - Edit household member's information and profile picture
17:12 - Other features of Church Center