A moment in Missions

a Moment in Missions

Sara Van Zee meets with people involved in missions in Orange City and around the world. Each episode shares ways that you can join in with these mission opportunities.
Having Hope in the Midst of War
Ukrainian refugee Alina Vlasenko shares her family's experiences during the Russian invasion.
Sara Van Zee is joined in the studio with Jerry Dykstra. Jerry shares how the Wheelchair Ministry started in Orange City and how we can partner with this ministry to get wheelchairs to children around the world.
Sara Van Zee talks to 4 Northwestern Seniors about the development of Impact 180, an afterschool program for middle school and high school students in Orange City. The conversation includes ways that we can help make this ministry a success.
Director of Missions, Sara Van Zee, sits down with Pat Dirkse, the pastor of the City Church of Compton. Pat shares how he decided to go to Compton, what life is like living in one of the most dangerous cities in America, and ways we can partner with him and his ministry.