Staff and lay leaders in gift-based partnership

Our unique model of service and administration

Our church recognizes the important difference that exists between administration and governance. The day-to-day operations of the church are left in the hands of the staff team. Safeguarding the vision, integrity, and ethos of First Reformed Church is the task of our board.

At our church, the church board is called the Consistory. The Consistory is comprised of two kinds of office-holders: Elders, who are entrusted with the spiritual care and growth of our members, and Deacons, who strive to love and serve the Kingdom's causes by matching material blessings with local and global needs. Men and women of our church are both eligible to elect and to serve four-year terms in these offices.
In many churches, that would be the long and short of it.  But at First Reformed, we have taken another step toward gift-based leaders by grouping our elders, deacons, and staff into four task-centered groups called Core Teams.  

The Vision Team explores the future of our church through the lenses of worship, outreach, and connection. The Resource Team considers how best to deploy our finances, buildings, equipment, and personnel to accomplish our mission. Our Formation Team oversees the many education and development programs that are integral to the First Reformed Church experience. And the Care Team provides shepherding support and "in the trenches" ministry to those going through transitions, grief, and pain.