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Our Fireside Library is full of great, Christian content. We have children's books, Bible studies, Bible reference books, Christian Living, Christian fiction, and movies. Come by and peruse our shelves anytime the church doors are open.

From Pastor Tim -
FRC Friends, I excitedly commend the church library’s growing Brazos Theological Commentary set for your personal Bible study. When people ask me which commentary series I recommend, I always mention the Brazos works. Though not every Biblical book has a Brazos commentary published yet, the Library Board has graciously committed to purchase the forthcoming texts as they are made available. The strength of the Brazos series is its balance between rigorous scholarship and real-life application. The authors have a particular point of connecting the various nooks and crannies of the Bible back to Jesus; this commitment makes for a unified understanding of Scripture and invites deeper Christian witness. Check it out as soon as you have a chance!

What's New in the Library