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Helping youth follow Jesus and live life abundantly.

John 10:10

The teenage years are an important time in every person’s life and can be very difficult. As youth grow and gain independence they face unique obstacles socially, spiritually, and emotionally. That’s why First Reformed Church provides a youth ministry that addresses those three challenges in three distinct ways:

1. We're an “oasis of belonging,” a welcoming place for every teenager to be a member of the group.

2. We “raise the banner” of Jesus by using the Bible and encouraging a more committed relationship with Jesus.

3. We have as much fun "as humanly possible" in everything we do.

During the school year the following ministries meet each week in the Loft:
Middle School Ministry (6th-8th Grade)  meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30 PM.
High School Ministry (9th-12th Grade)  meets on Wednesday evenings from 8:00-9:00 PM.
Sunday Bible Study (6th-12th Grade) meets on Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:25 AM.

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Youth Release Form: This form is required for students to attend our events this year. Please bring it to your first event, or pick them up in the Loft. This form is needed for our retreats to Trout Lake Camp.

Trip Scholarship Form: While we try our best to make every event we do as affordable as possible, this form is available if you find it difficult to contribute towards an upcoming trip.