Listening Deeper Through Painting - Women's Ministry Activity

What word would the Lord like to have you meditate on/hold this year? Join us on Saturday, February 18, at 9 am as Pennie Mirande leads us through a morning of testimony and simple art exercises to deepen our awareness of what the Lord wants to say to us this year.

No “artistic ability” is needed! This easy activity is for anyone! We will use acrylic paint, so wear something you wouldn’t mind getting stained. If your can, please bring $5 to cover the cost of materials.

The painting you create will serve as a reminder of the time spent seeking God about what this year holds for you.

Space is limited.  Email April Beaver to sign up.

A note from Pennie about the morning...

A Word for this Year

It's the New Year! Many of us spend a little time at the beginning of the new calendar year trying to discern a simple focus or a word from God for the year. This may or may not be a habit of yours, but we will be building off this idea in our "Listening Deeper through Painting" class on Saturday!

I know someone who regularly asks the Lord to give her one word to focus on each calendar year and it is beautiful to see how much growth the Lord will bring to her heart over the course of the year through that one word. One year she discerned "HOPE" was the focus and it was wonderful to see what an anchor this was to her throughout the course of the year.

So, whether or not you regularly listen for this kind of direction, I invite you to spend a little time before Saturday asking the Lord where he wants you to put your focus this next year. It may be something that comes to you as a gentle knowing or even a longing of your own heart. Perhaps it's something you know you need to grow in that the Lord is highlighting for you. Think of it like a small seed you will cutivate and nourish with His help all year long. (Also, It doesn't have to be just one word. It could be a phrase or an image or even a verse. You may not understand why the Lord is highlighting it at this point either! Anything you feel peace about being His invitation for you to focus on this year will work beautifully.)

If it doesn't come easily yet, don't worry! I have no doubt the Lord will reveal it to you over the course of our time together on Saturday - and that may be more fun anyway! I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you'd like to spend time praying about this in advance.

One final note, it's better to not come with a plan in mind of what you'd like to paint. I'll lead you through a process of painting and listening to the Lord at the same time that works much better when we don't come already planning our approach. It will all make much more sense after some testimony time too! :)  

Looking forward to being with you all,
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