Pray for Haiti

Unrest and chaos continue to be in the news coming from Haiti. We have two ministry partners in Haiti asking for prayers, Children of the Promise and Hope Health Action, where Parker and Abby Wierda are stationed. Below are excerpts from their updates this week. Please pray for the Haitian leadership, provisions for our ministry partners, and hope for a people pushed to the limits.

Children of the Promise

"Volumes could be written that explain the current social and political factors that led to this situation in Haiti. Our focus at COTP has and always continues to be on those who are hurting in Haiti as a result of our broken world. The people of Haiti are hurting right now. Even though those of us living outside of Haiti cannot likely relate to how difficult life must be right now for our Haitian neighbors, we can respond and attempt to meet them in their pain and uncertainty."

Hope Health Action

"Many hospitals are on the verge of closing down simply because they do not have the fuel, staff, or financial resources to remain open. HCBH, our partner hospital, continues to hang on... HHA is assessing the heightened needs of the hospital and surrounding community, and we will continue to do everything we can to respond compassionately in these uncertain times."
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