40 Days of Prayer - Week 3

Niccie Kliegl, and elder at FRC, leads us in our Live Facebook prayer time this week. 

January 15- 21: Anticipating through Prayer (Matthew 6:24-34) 

Monday: Pray for First Reformed Church representatives: Pastor Tim, Mark Bloemendaal, Marty Guthmiller and Nick Adams as they prepare for meetings on Thursday and Friday. 

Tuesday: Pray for Kingdom Network (KN) representatives, President Dave Izenbart and the rest of the steering team as they lead the Kingdom Network. 

Wednesday: Father God, be with our team from FRC as they meet with KN. We seek You for clarity and insight while together. Give us the answers we need, answers that our church and its members need. Close doors and open others so we know where You are leading us. 

Thursday: Pray that God would prepare the hearts of our leaders as they meet with Kingdom Network (KN) representatives this evening. 

Friday: Pray for conversations between FRC and KN representatives as they conclude their in-person meeting together.
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