FRC KIDS Opporunity

Do you typically go to the Loft for "Lego's in the Loft With The Little", or do you send your kids to Promise Kids?  Because we are not able to offer those this summer, we wanted to let you know about a new opportunity we will be providing for families with young kids this summer.  This summer, we have some tables in the Fellowship Hall with crayons and activity pages for our younger members.  If your family would like, they can stay in the fellowship hall and watch the service stream on the big screen while your child is at a table coloring.  Kids . . . guess what!  You get to TAKE THE CRAYONS HOME WITH YOU!  Bring them, back every Sunday for new activity sheets.  If your family sits in the sanctuary, I have extra copies of the activity sheets and the crayons to bring in with you.  K-5th graders, we haven't forgotten about you!  By the sanitizing station, we have "Sermon Notes for Kids" pages, and "FRC Bingo" pages. things to watch for during the sermon.  There is  video attached to this to explain a little bit more.  If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Kuiper at [email protected]   See you Sunday!