Explore the Bible, April 26

Sunday Bible Study for Teens

The Covid-19 pandemic has been tragic for many people and, at the very least, stressful for folks in leadership and health professions. For many of us, shutdowns and cancellations have spurred frustrations of not being able to do the things we need to do, or have grown accustomed to doing, and some have even organized protests or are openly defying state government mandates. Despite these measures being arguably beneficial, necessary, and logical for preventing the spread of this disease, many of them have come under criticism simply because they're not voluntary.

Being limited by something outside of our control can be frustrating. Just for fun, try to accomplish some of these "impossible" tasks: fold a piece of paper in half more than eight times, lick your own elbow, raise just one eyebrow without moving the other.

Being bound by something outside of our control is irritating and our desire to be free to accomplish what we want is not just an American trait, it's a human trait. In chapter 6 of Romans, you'll read the Apostle Paul's words about being set free from the bondage of sin and finding freedom in the resurrection of Jesus. Read these verses for yourself and use the handout below to explore what this freedom means for you.
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