The Magna Carta. The Code of Hammurabi. The Twelve Tables of Rome.

Like these great social and legal contracts, the Ten Commandments have stood the long test of time. They have underpinned some of the most important political and ethical ideas in human history. And up to our current moment, they challenge assumptions, guide lawmakers, and comfort persons of faith.

The great principles that Exodus 20 encourages shape how we understand God and our neighbor. But what is the central theme of the Ten Commandments – the “Decalogue” as they’re collectively called?

Is God taking people to task? Protecting them from harm? Limiting their freedoms?

These questions are among the primary considerations of our winter teaching series at First Reformed Church. This set of eight morning messages will consider, in a variety of ways, the deep principles at play in the Ten Commandments. We’ll see how, why, and – importantly, when – God gave them to the nation of Israel. We’ll reflect on about how they applied in the past, and we’ll witness the ways in which they continue to guide Christian living in the present day.

Curious to hear more? We’d love to have you join us at 8:30 and 10:30 – either online or in our Orange City sanctuary – for Unchained: God’s Vision for True Freedom.

January 8: Unchained – The Principle of Centeredness (Exodus 20:1-6)
January 15: Unchained – The Principle of Reverence (Exodus 20:7)
January 22: Unchained – The Principle of Rest (Communion Celebrated) (Exodus 20:8-11)
January 29: Unchained – The Principle of Perspective (Pastor Mark) (Exodus 20:12)
February 5: Unchained – The Principle of Life (Exodus 20:13)
February 12: Unchained – The Principle of Restraint (Rev. Jon Opgenorth) (Exodus 20:15)
February 19: Unchained – The Principle of Honesty (Dr. Tom Smith) (Exodus 20:16)
February 26: Unchained – The Principle of Satisfaction (Exodus 20:14,17)