The Good Land

The Good Land - Invitations to Gratitude

As the harvest is drawn in from the full and bountiful fields around Orange City, it is good for God’s people to offer our gratitude to the Giver of all good things. We have been sustained through drought, pandemic, uncertainty, and pain, and - having seen God’s providing hand this year - we now turn our attention to thanks and to generosity for others.

This November, our teaching messages will be based in Deuteronomy. This Old Testament book, a series of “farewell meditations” from Moses to the people of Israel, encourages God’s people to remain thankful in times of plenty - just as they had cherished each blessing during their wilderness wanderings. They were to remember well what it was like to be without and therefore to break out in gratitude and obedience – when they arrived in the Promised Land, the Good Land – of Canaan.

We’ll turn our attention primarily onto three chapters over the course of this month – Deuteronomy 8, 9, and 10 – to see what it looks like to live thankfully, reverently, and generously in a time of harvest and delight. Join us for The Good Land – Invitations to Gratitude this month at First Reformed Church!

Check out The Good Land Study Guides for small group questions and supplemental Bible verses to help you dive in deeper into these message.