Stone Stories - Lent Message Series at First Reformed Church

The lands of the Bible are majestic and rugged. They are marked by mountains, forests, and deserts - and everywhere you look, there are stones. Limestones. Basalt stones. River rocks.

It’s probably not surprising, then, that the Old and New Testaments make frequent mention of stones. Sure, they appear as landscape pieces in a number of important stories. But beyond this, they serve as metaphors for aspects of the journey of faith.

This Lent, we’ll be looking at eight "Stone Stories" from the life of Jesus. In these narratives, we’ll discover the brute strength of temptation, the overwhelming resilience of Jesus, and the timelessness of the gospel. Together, we’ll travel the stone-strewn path to the rocky hill of Golgotha – and then we’ll celebrate as the boulder was moved from the Easter tomb!

Join us at 8:30 and 10:30 AM on Sunday mornings this spring for Stone Stories at First Reformed Church!

  • February 21: Luke 4:1-13 – How to Battle Temptation
  •  February 28: Matthew 7:25-27 – How to Stand Strong
  • March 7: Mark 5 – How to be Delivered from Self-Harm
  •  March 14: John 8:1-11 – How to Quit Being Judgemental
  •  March 21: Mark 12:1-12 – How to Love a Reject
  •  March 28: Luke 19:28-40 – How to Start a Stone Singing
  •  April 1: (Maundy Thursday): Luke 22-39-46 – How to Stay Awake
  • April 4: Matthew 28:1-10 – How to Witness a Breakthrough