Signals series

Small marks can have big meaning.

Punctuation marks. Without them, the words we read are emptied of much of their meaning. Without a question mark, how can we experience the invitation to participate? Without an exclamation point, is it possible to feel the energy of the author?

Commas, asterisks, ellipses, and quotation marks all provide frames of reference for us. They help us to appreciate a deeper meaning in the stories in front of us.

What if we looked at life through the lens of these marks, dots, and indicators? What if God weighed in on the small markups of life? Are there ways to understand Kingdom living better in view of these small points to the left of the Enter Key?

Let’s take a look together this fall. We’ll open the Bible as a community and consider these themes:

  • September 8: ! (Adventure)
  • September 15: , (Pace)
  • September 22: * (Footnotes)
  • September 29: ? (Wonder)
  • October 6: … (Unfinished)
  • October 13: @ (Place)
  • October 20: “” (Script)
  • October 27: ; (Restart)
  • November 3: ' (Mine)
  • November 10: % (Tithe)