Roads to Bethlehem

Roads to bethlehem

“All roads lead to Rome.”

That phrase, originally a Latin maxim (mīlle viae dūcunt hominēs per saecula Rōmam), implies something like “there’s more than one way to get the job done.”

Scripture doesn’t agree. The whole of the Bible leads to one conclusion, to one redemption. The way to God, the path of salvation, is in Jesus Christ. He is, after all, the Way (not a way), the truth, and the life.

The Old Testament is therefore always pointing us toward a single road, toward one possible path. It is anticipating the arrival of Jesus and routing us onto the road toward David’s City. Biblically speaking, all roads lead to Bethlehem.

This Advent and Christmas season, we’ll spend time on the highways and byways of the Bible. Each of our morning messages will send us along a road or trail that ultimately leads to (or from) Bethlehem. Along these streets of scripture, we will encounter lively – sometimes even scandalous! – characters and situations. But though the route is winding and weird, the destination – Bethlehem’s manger – is the most wonderful destination the world would ever know.

November 27: Genesis 38 – The U-Turn Road
December 4: Exodus 13-14 – The Dead-End Road
December 11: Numbers 22-24 – The Barricaded Road
December 18: Isaiah 40 and Matthew 3 – The Resurfaced Road
December 24: Luke 2:1-7 – The Toll Road
December 25: Luke 2:8-20 – The Outbound Road