Monday Morning Missionaries

Monday Morning Missionaries

Faithful living in the rest of your week (July 2022)

Sunday mornings are great, aren’t they? Everybody dresses nicely, comes to worship, sings songs that they love, reads, prays, and fellowships. It’s easy to be a Christian on Sunday morning.

But what about during the rest of your week? How easy is it to live out your faith during your Tuesday morning performance eval at work? What about amid a Thursday afternoon argument on the playground? Isn’t it more challenging when you’re out with friends at the Saturday night concert?

This July, our message series is intended to help us understand, navigate, and claim the rest of the week as a venue for us to live faithfully in the world. What does it look like to be a good Christian employee? What kind of difference does a follower of Jesus make as a teammate? Can you do your homework to the glory of God?

We’ll explore these themes – and many others – during our 9:30 AM teachings. Join us on Sunday – and ready yourself for the other six days – by growing with us through Monday Morning Missionaries at First Reformed Church.

July 10: Genesis 1-4: You’re Hired!
July 17: Nehemiah: Hand me Another Brick
July 24: Isaiah 6: One is the Holiest Number That Could Ever Be
July 31: Matthew 5:13-16: Jesus in My Backpack