Breaking Free from Temptation


Breaking Free From Temptation

The Bible tells us stories of real people and the struggles they faced. As we start 2024, we will consider one of those stories. Joseph is the second youngest son of 12 brothers. Through trials and tribulations, Joseph remains true in character and submissive to God. The people around Joseph did not remain as steady. In fact, it was the people around Joseph dealing with temptation that brought incredible difficulty to Joseph’s life.

The temptations described in these stories are the same temptations we deal with today in our culture. As we study Joseph's life, we will find ways for us to overcome the temptations that are facing us. Join us in January & February 2024 as we study Joseph: Breaking Free From Temptation.

January 7 - Genesis 37 - Pride (Joseph) & Jealousy (Brothers)
January 14 - Genesis 39:1-6 - Apathy
January 21 - Genesis 39:7 - Lust
January 28 - Genesis 40 - Resentment
February 4 - Genesis 41 - Power
February 11 - Genesis 45 - Revenge/Forgiveness