Incomparable - Five Lessons from the Master Teacher

The world is filled with interesting and talented teachers. Many have great ideas and powerful insights. We are blessed by God to learn from them all.

But we have a conviction that Jesus was the Master Teacher, and that his words have a meaning and truth that transcends all others.

Some Jesus' most convicting and inspiring teachings are found in his parables, short stories and observations that point to profound eternal truths.

This January and February, we will look at five of these parables, listening attentively to the Master Teacher's wisdom and reflecting on how to grow in deeper obedience to his plan. Join us for Incomparable: Five Lessons from the Master Teacher - 8:30 and 10:30 each Sunday in the sanctuary and online!

January 3 - Restart: The Parable of the Wineskins
January 10 - Mixed: The Parables of the Field and the Net
January 17 - Upgrade: The Parables of the Kingdom
January 24 - Prodigal Perspectives: The Younger Son
January 31 - Prodigal Perspectives: The Older Son
February 7 - Prodigal Perspectives: The Father
February 14 - Leverage: The Parable of the Manager