Administrative Assistant Job opening 

Administrative Assistant

The work of the Administrative Assistant is a ministry that requires a servant's heart. This position is essential to the process of communication that links the staff, congregation, and community to opportunities for spiritual growth, service, worship, and discipleship. The Administrative Assistant must exhibit a Christ-like demeanor while carrying out all aspects of their job.

The requirements listed below represent the knowledge, skills, and overall abilities necessary to succeed in this position. Reasonable accommodations can be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the functions listed.
  1. Give evidence of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  2. Exhibit knowledge of the Bible and the doctrines of the Reformed faith.
  3. Accept the Bible as the inspired Word of God and agree with Reformed doctrinal standards.
  4. Agree with and abide by the FRC mission statement.
  5. Exhibit the ability to assume a cooperative, supportive role in a multiple staff ministry team.
  6. Exhibit the authority and ability to prioritize work projects and work requests.
  7. Exhibit the skills necessary to aid the Pastors in communicating the “Ministry Vision” for FRC.
  8. Exhibit a desire to learn and grow in the knowledge of the responsibilities of your position.
  9. Possess the technological skill set necessary to accomplish all the tasks this position entails.
  10. Be accountable to the Executive Director for the fulfillment of job responsibilities.

The Administrative Assistant role merges the duties generally expected of the following:
  1. Traditional Receptionist: Welcoming visitors to the church office, greeting and directing them.
  2. Communications Coordinator: Serve as the point person on all written, email, Church App, and phone communications. Discerning which of the communication modes is most appropriate given the information and intended recipients.
  3. Administrative Leader: Work effectively with the Pastors and church staff to help ensure that the vision for Ministry and tasks of the church flow in an effective and productive manner.
The following are specific tasks /responsibilities the Administrative Assistant must attend to:
  1. Be a welcoming presence
    • Demonstrate excellent verbal skills when communicating by phone or in person.
    • Exhibit good listening skills including projection of appropriate body language.
    • Keep the office and welcoming Center clean and orderly.
  2. Correspondence and filing.
    • Direct the flow of office mail and reply effectively when necessary.
    • Respond to or direct the flow of social media messages to appropriate staff.
    • Maintain regularly updated hard copy and paperless files of church documents.
    • Effectively organize and update church databases.
    • Understand and adhere to principles of confidentiality
  3. Office Management
    • Attend to basic duties as needed (inventory, order supplies, etc.).
    • Additional duties (attend and occasionally lead staff meetings).
  4. Media Communication tools and duties
    • Exhibit strong computer knowledge and user skills.
    • Develop knowledge and usage of Planning Center.
    • Exhibit knowledge and user skills of Publisher, Word, PowerPoint, etc.
    • Manage email and push notification contacts and communications.
    • Create ministry content as needed for printed communications.
    • Show ability to work individually or as part of a team on communication projects.
    • Oversee production and distribution of the following: (Intercessory Prayer List, Prayer Calendar, Daily Bible reading guide, Library Updates).
  5. Development of periodic major communication items
    • Monthly Focus
    • Quarterly Milestone
  6. Church Membership Responsibilities
    • Maintain a current membership file including member contact information.
    • Manage and regularly update the Church Directory.
    • Sent out regular information to “New Members”.
  7. Church Bulletin
    • Develop layout and content for the weekly bulletin. Print and fold bulletin.
  8. Church Website
    • Work closely with the church Media Director to develop and oversee content (do regular weekly and monthly updates of regular content posted on the website).
  9. Master Calendar
    • Post all events on Master Calendar and remind staff to check the calendar daily.
    • Work with Pastors and staff to set final approval dates for items on the calendar.
    • Notify the Facilities Director of any upcoming events on the Master Calendar.
  10. Prayer Line
    • Work with Pastors and Staff to collect information and daily update the prayer line.

Additional Information concerning the Job of Administrative Assistant:
30-hour-a-week job (8:15-12:15 & 12:45-3:15 Monday through Thursday and 8:15-12:15 on Friday)
Paid vacation as per employee handbook
Paid Holidays as per employee manual
Sick Leave as per employee handbook
Qualifies for retirement benefits
Visual insurance provided
Option to join Dental insurance group plan

Send resume and/or INQUIRIES to barry Brandt.