He Gets Us

He Gets Us.

There are lots of religions out there. Some of these faiths center on righteous living. Some suggest the pathway to salvation is through wisdom and enlightenment. Others value good works above all else.

In the end, though, most of these religions end in the same place. In order to be right with God, you must be more like God. By your effort and by your performance, you must please the powers on high and have a chance at redemption.

The Christian witness is different. The Bible teaches that it won’t ever work for you to work hard enough to become like God. Instead, the scriptures teach, God became like you. Like all of us. According to John 1, the Eternal Word of God was made flesh and set up shop among us.

This is essential to eternal salvation, of course. In becoming human, Jesus bridged the gap that sin had opened between God and humanity. But the fact that the Second Person was incarnate in Jesus of Nazareth also has profound implications for your life right now. Jesus understands you. He gets you.

He doesn’t just hear your prayers, he knows the pain behind them. He doesn’t just resolve the great crises of life, he walked through them. He is acquainted with temptation, grief, joy, and loss.

This fall, our church is joining in a national campaign to help people understand Jesus better. The movement is called “He Gets Us.” You can learn more about what is happening beyond our walls here: He Gets Us Church Briefing

Across eight Sunday-morning messages, we’ll meet Jesus all over again. And we’ll discover, along the way, that Jesus already knows everything there is to know… about you.

September 11: He Gets Us - Intro (John 2:23-25, Hebrews 4:15)
September 18: He Gets Uncertainty (Matthew 2:13-23)
September 25: He Gets Stress (Luke 4-6)
October 2: He Gets Loneliness (Isaiah 53)
October 9: He Gets Grief (John 11:17-37)
October 16: He Gets Joy (John 2, 16)
October 23: He Gets Temptation (Matthew 4)
October 30: He Gets Expectations (Luke 7:36-50)