Fruitful - summer 2021

Fruitful: The Harvest of Spiritual Living 

The farmer’s market. For many, it’s a delicious summertime habit.

Arrayed in all the colors of the rainbow, the fresh fruits, vegetables, and other produce gathered there point to bountiful harvests and abundant growth.

Followers of Jesus are also expected to bear fruit. The Great Teacher told his followers to “produce fruit in keeping with repentance” (Matthew 3:8) and that bearing fruit shows society that they are his disciples (John 15:8). Romans calls on Christians to “bear fruit for God” (7:5), and the writer of Ephesians says that the children of God should bring forth “fruit of the light” (5:9).

Probably the best-known New Testament passage about fruit is Galatians chapter 5. There, the Apostle Paul lists nine fruit that are manifest when believers are in step with the Holy Spirit.

This summer, we’ll settle into Galatians 5 for an eleven-week exploration of the fruit of the Spirit. After seeing how this harvest contrasts with so much worldly growth, we’ll devote one message to each of these nine manifestations of maturing spiritual character.

Join us at 9:30 AM each Sunday for Fruitful: The Harvest of Spiritual Living at First Reformed Church!

  • May 23: Introducing Galatians – True Spiritual Freedom
  • May 30: Clearing the Weeds – The Acts of the Flesh
  • June 6: Love
  • June 13: Joy
  • June 20: Peace
  • June 27: Patience
  • July 4: Kindness
  • July 11: Goodness
  • July 18: Faithfulness
  • July 25: Gentleness
  • August 1: Self-Control