Epic Bible Rivalries

Epic Bible Rivalries

Lincoln and Douglas. North Carolina and Duke. Batman and the Joker. England and France.

Almost every aspect of life includes the experience of rivalry. There's that other person, that other team, that business across the street, that you just have to beat. You've got to be better than them, and they want to be better than you just as badly. Our rivals are often a lot like us. They are after the same awards, customers, or trophies. They are often evenly matched, and they know just how to push our buttons.

As summer wraps up, we're going to spend a few weeks looking at great Bible rivalry stories. Moments of competition and intrigue as two competitive parties try to outdo each other.

These passages will provide ports of entry into some incredible scriptural narratives. Along the way, you may find your sympathies aligned more with one rival than the other. But in the end, we'll probably see how God always wins.

Join us at 8:30 and 10:30 AM each Sunday - either in our sanctuary or online - for Epic Bible Rivalries!
Exclamation point intentional.

August 14: Luke 15:11-32: The Prodigal Sons
August 21: Genesis 4: Cain and Abel
August 28:  1 Samuel 1: Hannah and Peninnah
September 4: Esther: Haman and Mordecai