Holy Ground: A Ten-Week Virtual Tour of Israel and Palestine

Cyril of Alexandria famously described the lands of the Bible as “The Fifth Gospel”. Their people, foods, valleys, walls, and watercourses provide readers of the Old and New Testaments a greater awareness of the lives and theology of the Biblical characters.

For most of us, boarding a jet to Tel Aviv isn’t possible right now. So we’re going to do our best to bring the experience of the Holy Lands to you!

Join us this summer for a ten-week exploration of some of the Holy Land’s most beautiful and significant sites. We’ll examine the topography, archaeology, and culture of these cities and towns and offer real-world applications based on the events they hosted. Pastor Tim, who has led Biblically-centered tours of the Holy Land, will be our guide for the majority of the trip.

Holy Ground will be presented on Sundays at 8:30 AM and 10:45 AM in our Central Avenue sanctuary. It will also be simulcast to our television and web-based services. We hope you’ll pay us a visit in person or online!

June 14: Beersheba and Dan
June 21: Masada
June 28: Beth She’an
July 5: Qumran
July 12: Arad
July 19: Megiddo
July 26: Caesarea Philippi
August 2: Capernaum
August 9: Mount of Beatitudes
August 16: The Wailing Wall