Following Jesus on the Trail to Destiny | February - April 2022

Check out the Crosswalk Study Guides for small group questions and supplemental Bible verses to help you dive in deeper into these messages.

In many places, the Bible describes our relationship with God like a long, purposeful journey. As with any good hike, this trek has crests and valleys. There are some narrow places and some wide views. There are moments when we wonder if we’ll make it and times when we take in a deep breath and relish in the wildness of it all.

The season of Lent puts a strong emphasis on spiritually traveling with Jesus. This Crosswalk, an odyssey from the shores of Galilee to the heart of Jerusalem, will witness the authority of Jesus in life, the sacrifice of Jesus in death, and the power of Jesus in resurrection. It will culminate in the destiny of the Messiah and in the saving of the world.

The Crosswalk series also represents a congregational experiment at our church. Our passages for this collection of messages will track and replicate the teachings of our K-5 students during their 9:30 Sunday School learnings on the same mornings. The opportunities for reinforcing the gospel story – and for conversing about the Jesus Story – will be many over the course of this spring.

So whether you are new to Christianity, skeptical of the Bible, or a long-time follower of Jesus, you are invited on this hike with us. Lace up your boots, pack some water and granola, and let's follow Jesus along the course to his destiny. Because it just might end up being your destiny, too.

  • February 20: Matthew 4:1-11 – Combat Zone
  • February 27: Mark 8:31-38 – End in Sight
  • March 6: John 11:2-19 – Expectations Unmet
  • March 13: Mark 1:21-28 – Astounding Authority
  • March 20: John 2:13-24 – Stock Market Crash
  • March 27: John 3:1-21 – Sacred Espionage
  • April 3: John 12:20-24 – The Seed of Life
  • April 10: Mark 11:1-11 – What Are You Doing for Jesus?
  • April 17: Luke 24:13-27 – Hope is Back!