Clash of Kingdoms

Clash of Kingdoms

Daniel (May - June 2022)

For many people raised in the church, the book of Daniel has been a source of rich and meaningful stories. A fiery furnace. A lion’s den. Vivid dreams. Colossal statues.

But there’s more to Daniel than that. This book – believed by many scholars to have been the last Old Testament book to be finalized – is a field guide to living under cultural and military pressure. It’s about resistance and courage. It’s about global affairs. It’s filled with espionage and supernatural visitors.

All told, the book of Daniel is about how to live as a citizen of heaven when the world is in flux. It teaches believers that there is a greater power at work, even when things seem bleak in the moment. Daniel is about never giving up and never giving in.

This summer, we’ll spend seven Sunday mornings discussing the great narratives of Daniel. We’ll go behind the scenes of these beloved stories and watch in amazement as God acts to deliver courageous people in compromised times. Join us at 9:30 AM – in person and online – for Clash of Kingdoms.

  • May 8 – Daniel 1: Into the Exile – Life in the Age of Nebuchadnezzar
  • May 15 – Daniel 3: Into the Furnace – The Power of Nonconformity
  • (May 22 – Tulip Festival Worship Service)
  • May 29 – Daniel 4: Into the Field – Arrogance’s Beastly Endgame
  • June 5 – Daniel 5: Into the Plaster – Party-Crashing 101
  • June 12 – Daniel 6: Into the Den – How to Ruin a Lion’s Appetite
  • June 19 – Daniel 7: Into the Future – True Sovereignty
  • June 26 – Daniel 12: Into the Dust – A Glimpse of Resurrection Life