Congregational Update

This congregational update includes information about our speaker and Fellowship Hall projects regarding what we have learned, what we don't know, and the possible congregational impact.

Speaker Project:
RDI has over 65% of the equipment in its warehouse for the speaker project. We are hopeful that the speakers will be installed in June and July. There may be times this summer when we will have to meet in a different venue because of construction in the sanctuary.

Fellowship Hall Project:
The Fellowship Hall construction will start soon behind the scenes, with the main updates starting after Easter. We will update the ceiling tiles, lighting, window shades, and flooring. The bathrooms will be updated during the summer. The construction crews will make every effort to keep our Fellowship Hall usable on Sundays during the construction times.

Deacon Update:
Thank you for the generous giving that makes all these updates possible!

00:57 Speaker Project
02:58 Fellowship Hall Project
06:04 Thank You
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