Status Update - September 2022

Find out what is happening at FRC in this extended announcement video. It includes information about reaching the 100 homes around us, changes coming to our fellowship hall, ways for you to get involved, and upcoming dates to put in your calendar.

00:00 - Intro by Pastor Tim Breen
00:32 - Children's Ministry updates with Sarah Kuiper
01:55 - Women's Ministry announcements by April Beaver
03:02 - First Steps invitation from Lyle Lundgren
04:43 - Youth Ministry with Ross Enger
05:55 - Fellowship Hall updates from Pastor Tim Breen
06:58 - 100 Homes Volunteer opportunities by Pastor Mark Haverdink
08:52 - Advent dates from Amanda Haverdink
09:47 - Missions invitation from Sara Van Zee
11:08 - Adult Ministry opportunities by Tom Hydeen
13:30 - New Sermon Series information from Pastor Tim Breen
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