Adult Sunday School

Starting this Sunday, October 18, we will have two Adult Sunday School opportunities available: Refiner's Fire and The Guide. 

Refiner's Fire: Faith Engaged In Life is a special adult Sunday School class where different community members are invited to share how their faith impacts their life specifically in relations to their job. This class meets in the Chapel between services (approx. 9:40-10:20am). The lineup of guest presenters we have are as follows:
  • October 18 - Mary Lundgren & Susan Blankers (Physical Therapists)
  • November 1 - Kelly Goslinga (Lawyer)
  • November 8 - Deb De Haan (Orange City Mayor)
  • November 15 - Caleb Haverdink (Deputy)
The Guide is an Adult Sunday school class that meets in the Consistory Room between the services (approx. 9:40-10:20am). This class focuses each week on a specific passage of scripture related to a central theme. The current Quarterly Focus is Spiritual Warfare in Scripture. Several different teachers guide the attendees through careful and thought provoking analysis of the scriptures studied.
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