Praying Separately Together

Many, many of you pray often and regularly. Many of you have seen your prayers answered in wonderful ways. Many of you continue to trust that God will do what is best in your situations.

Listen to Jesus’ words recorded in John 16:24 – Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.

Here is Jesus’ invitation for us to ask and keep asking.

Beginning today, August 24, it is time to strengthen and expand the culture of prayer already established at FRC. You, whether old or young, are invited to embark on a prayer adventure.

Prayers Ascend, Blessings Descend:
Praying Separately Together

Consider reserving some time, perhaps 5-15 minutes at 9am and/or noon and/or nightfall on one day and/or several days each week to “CALM” yourself before the Lord’s throne of grace.
Calm is spelled C-A-L-M. Allow each letter of the word to remind you of an element of prayer:
            C – Call on His name.
            A – Acknowledge your need for Him.
            L – Lift up thanks to Him.
            M – Make your requests known to Him.

Each week a single theme will be suggested for our times of praying-separately-together. On Mondays as 9am available staff members will gather in the office and us this theme in a time of prayer.

Set your watches, alarms or phones to remind you to “calm” yourself before the Lord.

This week’s focus: The resumption of school and its teachers, leaders, students, protocols, wisdom, safety, responses.

Below is the focus for the coming weeks. The weekly focus may change based on current events.
08/23 – 08/29             Resumption of School in the midst of a pandemic
08/30 – 09/05             Resumption of FRC activities
09/06 – 09/12             Health workers and responders
09/13 – 09/19             Persons who have suffered loss of loved ones, jobs, income, opportunities, etc.
09/20 – 09/26             Pastors and counselors facing challenges and difficulties (good mental health for all)
09/27 – 10/03             Candidates and campaigns
10/04 – 10/10             Future of FRC in the RCA
10/11 – 10/17             Upcoming election
10/18 – 10/24             Ongoing defeat of evil and ill-will
10/25 – 10/31             Success of the gospel in the world
11/01 – 11/07             Election Day and the aftermath
11/08 – 11/14             Veterans and armed forces personnel
11/15 – 11/21             Guidance by the Holy Spirit
11/22 – 11/28            Thanksgiving for the Multitude of blessings on America
11/29 – 12/05             For legislators who seek to honor Jesus
12/06 – 12/12             Medium of Christmas to awaken people to Jesus
12/13 – 12/19             Conclusion fo school semesters
12/20 – 12/26             Recognition of Jesus as Lord by those who appose Him
12/27 – 01/02             Courage to give 2021 into God's hand

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