Explore the Bible, April 5

Sunday Bible Study for Teens

Over the last two weeks the internet has been abuzz with memes pulled the most ridiculous and strange moments of the Netflix documentary series, Tiger King. The series tells a complex story featuring numerous twists and turns that shines light on the darkest aspects of American culture. From animal exploitation to murder, con men, suicide, drug use, promiscuity, and the questionable use of expired WalMart meat. The story of Joe Exotic is a train wreck.

If I asked you to rank the list of social ills featured in Tiger King, from worst to even more worse, could you do it? What if we added in some of the world's biggest problems not featured in that show? Things like corona virus, cancer, hunger, and racism? World problems like these seem almost impossible to solve and in the end we feel like everyone loses.

In a moment, I'd like you to read for yourselves the plot twist from Paul's letter to the Romans. You can use your own study Bible or check out this link: Bible Gateway. In today's study of Romans 3:21–4:3 you'll read Paul offer a solution to the world's biggest problem (sin and our separation from God) - and how that solution comes from Jesus and not from our works. Below you'll find a PDF with some study questions to help you mentally unpack and interpret this scripture.
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