Explore the Bible, March 29

Sunday Bible Study for Teens

If you were honest, what things in your life (skills, possessions, abilities, talents) are you most tempted to brag about? What's the likelihood of the people in your life one-upping your accomplishments with their own, or sharing a story of someone who has accomplished the same or more?

The Bible is relevant today as ever and the boastful vanity of one-upping is addressed clearly in Paul's letter to the Romans 2,000 years ago. In a moment, I'd like you to read this for yourselves, keying in on Romans 2:17-29. You can use your own study Bible or check out this link: Bible Gateway. Below you'll find a PDF with some study questions to help you mentally unpack and interpret this scripture.

Despite our culture pressuring us to project an outward image of popularity, success, and influence in the world and in our church, Paul makes the point that it's inward obedience, faith, and love that ultimately matters.
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