Explore the Bible, March 22

Sunday Bible Study for Teens

Ricky Jackson served the longest prison term for an exonerated defendant in American history. Beginning at age 18 Ricky served 39 years, 3 months, and 9 days locked up for a murder he didn’t commit.

Our justice system puts in place jurors and judges to decide what is reasonable and right according to our laws, and even though it is capable of making tragic mistakes like the case of Ricky Jackson, we put our trust in it to do what is right.

Outside of the courtroom, we choose who we trust to decide what is right and wrong. Most times we trust our own feelings, but the very concept of justice itself implies an objective standard of what is right and wrong.

This week's Bible study explores the first chapter of the book of Romans and what happens when we ignore God's standard of right and wrong. Does God allow us to live by our own standards and what is the consequence if we do? Read Romans 1:18-28, 32 for yourself and dig a little deeper with the Bible study questions linked below.
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